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    Elixir Optiweb & Rotosound UltraMag ranked TOP 5 BEST electric guitar strings


    Guitarworld.com presents:

    The best electric guitar strings in the world right now 

    If there's one thing guaranteed to make a guitarist smile, it's a fresh set of strings on their beloved instrument. Whereas guitars, amps and other items can grow old gracefully, the same is not true of your strings. Accumulated sweat and gunk, as well as changes in the heat or humidity of the environment they're stored in, make for dull, bland tones.

    Ranking at #2 is the latest edition to the Elixir family: OPTIWEB coated strings & ranking at #5 is also the latest edition to the Rotosound family: ULTRAMAG strings! See for yourself below:

    In the fight against corrosion, some string brands opt to coat their products in an effort to prolong the strings' lives. Elixir is one such brand, utilising their patented Optiweb treatment onto the strings. Coating strings isn't without controversy; some players feel the treatment takes out some of the strings' natural resonance.

    In our experience, that may be true for some brands but not for Elixir. These strings sound bright and resonant, like uncoated strings, but generally do last noticeably longer. We'd still advocate regular changes, but if you do find yourself with a month-old set of Elixirs, you'll likely not be disappointed. 

    The UK's premiere string manufacturer showed its innovative streak with the launch of a new design that features increased magnetic properties which deliver extra power, volume and sustain.

    What's more, reduced friction aims to provide improved overall tuning stability, while Rotosound has imbued the strings with corrosion-resistant properties, too, to keep them sounding great for longer.

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