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    Tech 21 Steve Harris Review: Our sample arrived in Oz!

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    I was very excited to receive an early sample of the new Tech 21 Steve Harris pedal from the Tech 21 factory yesterday. This particular pedal has been getting some pretty heavy social media chat and discussion, and reviews and videos give it a big thumbs up! So I was keen to see what the hype was all about and if it lived up to it…..

    I will admit straight up that whilst I know who Steve Harris is, as well as appreciating his huge contribution to the metal bass scene (and metal in general) Iron Maiden is a not band that I listen to that often nor had the pleasure of playing live or have even played along with at home etc.

    This fact is also true to the all of the named bass players in the manual who have some “sample setting” listed – Phil Lynott, Lemmy and Geezer. All known to myself but do not feature on my usual playlists of funk, Motown and blues.

    So, armed with a couple examples of each players songs, the pedal and a bass as close as possible to what the player would have used I sat down last night and did my best to emulate the said gods and their sounds.

    And you know what, Tech 21 have nailed it. Or as close to it as my old bass playing ears could tell.

    From Maidens "Heaven Can Wait", Thin Lizzy’s "Boys are Back in Town", Motorhead's "Ace of Spades", and Sabbaths "War Pigs", the tone was true. The only let down was my playing!

    From the responsive tone controls (2 mids… awesome!), smooth gain structure and the bite control, you can do all the above. Plus more.

    I also ran though some of my normal stuff and, with the gain dialled down slightly it presented the well known Sansamp sound that I use every day. So the SH1 is no one-trick-pony by a long shot.

    But the most impressive feature of the lot? The speaker simulator…. I kid you not, this little button of joy turned my monitors into a 4 x 10 cab, or with more gain applied an over-driven 15” or 8 x 10” cab…. amazing!

    So, smitten I am. But would I replace my Bass Fly Rig, RBI or Bass Driver with this pedal?

    I’m not sure at this stage,…. I would need to weigh up if the extra channel is really needed in my normal gigging duties or at home. And I’m not a huge distorted/gain player at all, so would I use the gain that much? Clean or just slightly on the edge is my usual realm of tone….

    But that speaker simulator is quite an impressive draw card. In fact, I’m going to recommend to Tech 21 that they put it on everything bass wise they make from now on.

    I have a gig this weekend that I’m going to give it a run on and see how it performs. If last nights follies are anything to go by I’m sure it won’t disappoint!

    P.S. Before you ask, sorry, but no, the sample pedal is not for sale.... You're going to have to wait until our first official shipment lands in January 2020!


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